VISION: Eliminating all disparities in employment and wealth for African-American adults and youth

MISSION: Harriet’s Daughters is a group of professional women working collectively with peer organizations to advocate for, create and support policies and processes that secure employment and wealth creation opportunities for African-American communities.

CORE VALUES: Harriet’s Daughters fundamentally believes in:

  • Fair access to, and equal outcomes in, employment and economic development opportunity;
  • Living wages and worker benefits;
  • Sufficient and sustainable investments in worker training and placement;
  • Sufficient and sustainable investments in diversifying management, C-suite leadership and board governance;
  • Cross-cultural competence and respect;
  • Summer employment and long-term college and career mentoring for youth;
  • Financial literacy education to enhance understanding of how to create wealth and how to manage income.


Anita Blanchard
Kym Hubbard
Susan McKeever
Diane Primo
Deborah H. Telman

Debra Carrington
Sophia Dorsey King
Pauline Montgomery
Sandra Reynolds
Veronica Thigpen

Sidney Dillard
Nancy McKeever
Adrienne B. Pitts
Melody Spann-Cooper
Adrienne White-Faines